Emmons Ranch Bull Sale – March 27, Groesbeck, Texas


56 Lots – $256,550 – Avg. $4,581


Top Lots:
Lot 49–EMS 807; Sold to Zipperer Beefmasters, Florida: $10,500
Lot 44–EMS 899; Sold to Zipperer Beefmasters, Florida: $10,000
Lot 33–EMS 921; Sold to Outlaw Ranch, Texas: $10,000
Lot 36–EMS 915; Sold to Fischer Farms, Texas: $10,000
Lot 45–EMS 834; Sold to Dwayne Rogers, Texas: $9,000
Lot 12–SCS Mini Bob; Consignor: SCS Beefmasters; Sold to Everrado Canales, Mexico: $8,000
Lot 29–EMS 951 Prince Charles; Sold to Jansen Beefmasters, Texas: $7,500
Lot 42–EMS 896; Sold to Zipperer Beefmasters, Florida: $7,000
Lot 4–EMS 944; Sold to Brayton Robinson, Texas: $6,500


Volume Buyers:
Zipperer Beefmasters, Florida
Fischer Farms, Texas
Nicholas Kent, Florida
Sullivan, Texas
Hankins Cattle Co., Texas
Polk Farms, Arkansas


Anthony Mihalski, Texas


3G Sales & Service, Georgia


Managed & reported by:
Robbins Cattle Consulting & Marketing, Texas

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