Springtime in Texas Beefmaster Sale – May 30, Brenham, Texas


6 Bulls – $13,000 – Avg. $2,167
6 Pair – $15,800 – Avg. $2,634
19 Bred – $46,500 – Avg. $2,448
19 Open – $35,100 – Avg. $1,848
5 Picks – $21,100 – Avg. $4,220
55 Lots – $131,500 – Avg. $2,390


Top Bulls:
Lot 10–Sire: Captain Crunch; Consignor: Rick Seeker, Brenham, Texas; Sold to Louis Deblanc, Kaplan, La.: $3,500
Lot 40–Sire: Lyssy’s Playin Dirty; Consignor: Carl and Fran Ditta, Cleveland, Texas; Sold to David Muegge, Edna, Texas: $2,600
Lot 55–Sire: Cain 15Z; Consignor: Karisch Cattle Co., LaGrange, Texas; Sold To Tony and Jackie Watson, Washington, Texas: $2,600


Top Females:
Lot 21–Bred to SWB Teton; Consignor: Swinging B Ranch, Axtell, Texas; Sold to James Woolman, Brenham, Texas: $4,000
Lot 20–Bred to SWB Teton; Consignor: Swinging B Ranch, Axtell, Texas; Sold to Charles Albright, Bellaire, Texas: $3,700
Lot 23–Bred to SWB Teton; Consignor: by Swinging B Ranch, Axtell, Texas; Sold to James Woolman, Brenham, Texas: $3,500


Volume Buyers:
Swinging B Ranch, Axtell, Texas
Jerry Garza, Houston, Texas
James Woolman, Brenham, Texas


Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, Texas


Sale Manager & Reported by:
Mike Green, 3G Sales & Service, Franklin, Ga.

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