Houston Magic XX Sale – March 6, Houston, Texas


7 Bulls – $34,500 – Avg. $4,929
27 Open Heifers – $120,950 – Avg. $4,480
9 Bred Heifers – $45,000 – Avg. $5,000
2 Donor Packages – $20,075 – Avg. $10,038
3 Bred Cows – $9,750 – Avg. $3,250
3 Semen – $51,785 – Avg. $17,262
3 Frozen Embryos – $28,250 – Avg. 9,417

54 Lots – $310,310 – Avg. $5,746


Top Bull:
Lot 36–Consignor: J&T Farm; Sold to Penoles Beefmaster, Mexico: $6,500
Lot 57–Consignor: TT Beefmasters; Sold to Octavio Garcia, Mexico: $6,500
Lot 35–Consignor: J&T Farm; Sold to Hernando Guerra, Mexico: $6,000


Top Bred Heifers:
Lot 12–Consignor: Bailey Farms; Sold to Janet Lagow, Texas: $7,500
Lot 11–Consignor: Bailey Farms; Sold to Janet Lagow, Texas: $7,500
Lot 16–Consignor: Bailey Farms; Sold to Jose Louis Canales, Mexico: $6,500
Lot 50–Consignor: L2 Ranch; Sold to Janet Lagow, Texas: $5,500
Lot 58–Consignor: TT Beefmasters; Sold to Stakes Beefmasters, Louisiana: $5,500


Top Bred Female:
Lot 4–Consignor: Bailey Farms; Sold to C4 Beefmasters, Texas: $7,100


Top Pair:
Lot 6–Consignor: Bailey Farms; Sold to SCS Family, Texas: $6,000


Top Open Heifers:
Lot 51b–Consignor: San Gabriel; Sold to Kay Padon, Texas: $6,300
Lot 3b–Consignor: Anderson Beefmasters; Sold to Emmons Ranch, Texas: $6,000
Lot 38–Consignor: J&T Farm; Sold to Jose Luis Canales, Mexico: $5,500
Lot 47–Consignor: L2 Ranch; Sold to Sam Keene, Louisiana: $5,500


Other Top Lots:
Lot 39a–Frozen Embryo (Cf Sugar Britches x L2 94/10 Jacklin); Consignor: J&T Farm; Sold to L2 Ranch, Texas: $950 each
Lot 39c–Frozen Embryo (Cavalier x Sex Life Clone); Consignor: J&T Farm; Sold to Alejandro Gonzales, Mexico: $950 each
Lot 25n–Semen (Painted Tiger); Consignor: Bailey Farms; Sold to Rancho Pruneda, Mexcio: $850 per unit
Lot 25r–Semen (L2 Synergy); Consignor: Bailey Farms; Sold to Kacer Farms, Kentucky: $800 per unit


Volume Buyers:
Penoles Beefmaster, Mexico
Janet Lagow, Texas
Octavio Garcia, Mexico
Jose Luis Canales, Mexico
Kacer Farms, Kentucky
Alberto Perez, Mexico
C4 Beefmasters, Texas
Emmons Ranch, Texas
Samuel Keene, Louisiana
Bar M Land & Cattle, Texas


Anthony Mihalski, Texas

Managed & reported by:
Robbins Cattle Consulting & Marketing, Texas

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