Emmons Ranch Production Sale – Aug. 15, Bryan, Texas


1 Bulls – $18,500
10 Pairs – $99,000 – Avg. $9,900
22 Breds – $179,000 – Avg. $8,137
6 Open Heifers – $68,000 – Avg. $11,333
1 Semen – $23,700 – Avg. $23,700

40 Lots – $388,200 – Avg. 9,705


Top Bulls:
Lot 1–Sold to Kenneth Walther, Texas: $18,500


Top Open Heifers:
Lot 21–Sold to Sittipong Kritchpakorn, Thailand: $20,000
Lot 2a–Sold to Randy Mason, Illinois: $12,000
Lot 4–Sold to Parkphum Mungngarm, Thailand: $11,000


Top Bred Heifers:
Lot 25–Sold to Bailey Farms, Tennessee: $13,000
Lot 26b–Sold to Bar M Land & Cattle, Texas: $10,500
Lot 10–Sold to Bailey Farms, Tennessee: $10,000


Top Pairs:
Lot 15–Sold to John Hubbard, Texas: $19,000
Lot 20–Sold to Pinyo Suwannatee, Thailand: $14,000
Lot 34–Sold to Arrowhead Ranch, Texas: $11,000
Lot 14–Sold to Brayton Robinson, Texas: $10,000


Other Top Lots:
Lot 40a–Semen (EMS Bet on Bubba); Sold to 4M Beefmasters, Texas: $350 per unit
Lot 40b–Semen (EMS Johnny Cash 632); Consignor: Emmons Ranch/Larry Ellis; Sold to Lorena Flores, Texas: $175 per unit
Lot 40d–Semen (EMS Bet on Bubba); Sold for $8,525 ($55 per unit)


Volume Buyers:
Sittipong Kritchpakorn, Thailand
Bar M Land & Cattle, Texas
Bailey Farms, Tennessee
Whiskey Creek, Texas
Pinyo Suwannatee, Thailand
Jaime Clemmons, Florida
John Hubbard, Texas
Kenneth Walther, Texas
Randy Mason, Illinois
Arrowhead Ranch, Texas
Parkphum Mungngarm, Thailand
Santa Ana Ranch, Texas


Anthony Mihalski, Texas


3G Sales & Service, Georgia


Managed & Reported by:
Robbins Cattle Consulting & Marketing, Texas

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