Wallen Prairie Ranch Sale – June 11, Lockwood, Mo


9 Bulls – $94,000 – Avg. $10,445
1 Pair – $3,000
23 Breds – $169,950 – Avg. $7,389
51 Opens – $230,350 – Avg. $4,517

84 Lots – $497,300 – Avg. $5,920


Top Bulls:
Lot 2–Sold to Roger Holden, Conway, Mo.: $23,000
Lot 7–Sold to Roger Holden, Conway, Mo: $13,000
Lot 10–Sold to Roy Barrett, Cypress, Texas: $12,500 


Top Females:
Lot 25–Open; Sold to Sakirin Al-Ishak, Bangkok, Thailand: $30,000
Lot 47–Bred; Sold to Sakirin Al-Ishak, Bangkok, Thailand: $30,000
Lot 41–Bred; Sold to Jon Rhodes, Mission, Texas: $12,500
Lot 45–Bred; Sold to Jason Simmons, Lebanon, Mo.: $12,000
Lot 38–Exposed; Sold to Carl and Fran Ditta, Cleveland, Texas: $12,000
Lot 42–Bred: Sold to Glenn Carroll, Atokc, Okla.: $10,000


Volume Buyers:
Sakirin Al-Ishak, Bangkok, Thailand
Glen Rhodes, Sulphur, La.
Jason Simmons, Lebanon, Mo.


Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, Texas

Co-Sale Manager:
Bruce Robbins, San Antonio, Texas 


Sale Managed & Reported by:
Mike Green, 3G Sales & Consultation, Franklin, Ga.

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