Southern Tradition XXII Beefmaster Production Sale – June 25, Savannah, Tenn.


8 Bulls – $68,000 – Avg. $8,500
27 Bred Heifers – $332,000 – Avg. $12,296
27 Open Heifers – $330,000 – Avg. $12,222
6 Pairs – $67,000 – Avg $11,167
1 Semen Lot – $4,645
1 Frozen Embryo Lot – $7,600

70 Lots – $809,245 – Avg. $11,561


Top Bulls:
Lot 53–Consignor: Cottage Farm, Tennessee; Sold to Randy Mason, Illinois: $13,000
Lot 51–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Twin Creek, Tennessee: $12,000
Lot 54–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Gabby De La Santos, Texas: $12,000


Top Bred Heifers:
Lot 65–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Rockin RB, Texas: $40,000
Lot 62–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Pro-Ventures, Louisiana: $25,000
Lot 27–Consignor: Clark Jones, Tennessee; Sold to Bill Botard, Texas: $24,000
Lot 22–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Gary & Beau Osmondson, California: $22,000
Lot 34–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to H-Bar, Texas: $20,000
Lot 38–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to H-Bar, Texas: $18,000
Lot 61–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Jason Vojacek, Texas: $18,000
Lot 23–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Jon Rhodes, Texas: $17,000
Lot 29–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Bailey Farms, Tennessee: $17,000


Top Open Heifers:
Lot 73–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Jim Wooman, Texas: $21,000
Lot 5–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Cottage Farm, Tennessee: $21,000
Lot 8–Consignor: Clark Jones/Jason Hearn; Sold to Tombigbee, Alabama: $21,000
Lot 71–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to L2 Ranch, Texas: $20,000
Lot 3–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Curtis Smith, Oklahoma: $20,000
Lot 70–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Travis Graybeal, Kansas: $19,000
Lot 16b–Consignor: Clark Jones/Bailey Farms; Sold to Bailey Farms, Tennessee: $17,000
Lot 1–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Jarrett Corley, Georgia: $16,000


Top Pairs:
Lot 45–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Lazy Susan Ranch, Tennessee: $27,000
Lot 46–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to J&T Farm, Tennessee: $10,000


Volume Buyers:
Travis Graybeal, Kansas
Jon Rhodes, Texas
Rockin RB, Texas
H-Bar, Texas
NextGen Cattle Co., Kansas
Bailey Farms, Tennessee
Jarrett Corley, Georgia
Jason Vojacek, Texas


Gerald Bowie, Georgia


Sale Consultants:
3G Sales & Service, Mike Green, Georgia
Anthony Mihalski, Texas


Sale Managed & Reported by:
Robbins Cattle Consulting & Marketing, Texas

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