Clark Jones & Cottage Farm Southern Tradition XXI Sale – June 26, Savannah, Tenn.


4 Bulls – $48,000 – Avg. $12,000
13 Pairs – $205,000 – Avg. $15,769
26 Bred Heifers – $327,000 – Avg. $12,577
20 Open Heifers – $238,000 – Avg. $11,900
1 Semen – $31,400
1 Frozen Embryo – $6,000

65 Lots – $855,400 – Avg. $13,160


Top Bull:
Lot 40–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to JA Beefmaster, Mexico: $25,000


Top Pairs:
Lot 20–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Travis Graybeal, Kansas: $28,000
Lot 19–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to C&M Ranches, South Carolina: $21,000
Lot 23–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to G5 Ebony Elites, Texas: $20,000
Lot 48–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Jose Gonzales, Arkansas: $20,000


Top Bred Heifers:
Lot 53–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Jacob Bowers, Texas: $33,000
Lot 4–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Bailey Farms, Tennessee: $27,000
Lot 55–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Noe Lopez, Mexico: $25,000
Lot 1–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Southern Grace Beefmaster, Georgia: $24,000
Lot 3–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Gary Osmondson, California: $21,000
Lot 57–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Jim Woolman, Texas: $21,000
Lot 21b–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Roadhouse Ranch, Texas: $20,000


Top Open Heifers:
Lot 36–Consignor: Clark Jones/Bailey Farms; Sold to Windy Hills, Mississippi: $28,000
Lot 59–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Jose Gonzales, Arkansas: $20,000
Lot 61–Consignor: Cottage Farm; Sold to Everardo Canales, Mexico: $19,000
Lot 27–Consignor: Clark Jones; Sold to Junior Carrillo, Virginia: $19,000


Volume Buyers:
Travis Graybeal, Kansas
Bailey Farms, Tennessee
Jose Gonzales, Arkansas
Gary Osmondson, California
JA Beefmaster, Mexico
Jacob Bower, Texas
Roadhouse Ranch, Texas
Noe Lopez, Mexico
Jim Wooman, Texas
NextGen Cattle Co., Kansas


Gerald Bowie, Georgia


Sale Consultants:
3G Sales & Service, Georgia
Anthony Mihalski, Texas


Sale Managed & Reported by:
Robbins Cattle Consulting & Marketing, Texas

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