Beefmaster Promotion Group International Gala Sale – March 3, Houston, Texas

4 Bulls – $10,050 – Avg. $2,513
3 Bred Heifers – $8,450 – Avg. $2,817
8 Open Heifers – $38,700 –Avg. $4,838
1 Frozen Embryo – $1,125
1 Flush – $6,000
2 Semen – $5,125 – Avg. $2,563

19 Lots – $69,450 – Avg. $3,655


Top Bulls:
Lot 9–Consignor: Lindsey Ranch, Texas; Sold to Steven & Lyn Anderson, Texas: $3,750
Lot 10–Consignor: Moreno Ranches, Florida; Sold to Cade Judd, Texas: $3,700


Top Opens:
Lot 21–Consignor: Rafter G Bar, Texas; Sold to DK 5 Bar Ranch, Texas: $6,750
Lot 16–Consignor: Blue Ribbon Beefmasters, Texas; Sold to Poco Velasco, Mexico: $6,500
Lot 22–Consignor: Sister Grove, Texas; Sold to Emmons Ranch, Texas: $6,100


Top Bred:
Lot 12–Consignor: Troy Glaser, Texas; Sold to Emmons Ranch, Texas: $4,000


Other Top Lots:
Lot 6–Flush (Lyssy’s Vogue); Consignor: Lyssy Beefmasters, Texas; Sold to Steven & Lyn Anderson, Texas: $6,000
Lot 4–Semen (EMS Johnny Cash); Consignor: Ellis/Emmons, Texas; Sold to Kacer Farms, Kentucky, and Ashley Smithey, Texas: $100 per unit
Lot 3–Semen (CF Sugar Bear); Consignor: Sugar Bear Syndicate; Sold to Balla, Bode, Hardin, Parrish: $75 per unit/JBBA price


Volume Buyers:
Steven & Lyn Anderson, Texas
DK 5 Bar Ranch, Texas


Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, Texas


Managed & Reported by:
Robbins Cattle Consulting & Marketing, San Antonio, Texas

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